Miss to Mrs. Boot Camp: The Singles Edition  

I was asked to do a program for singles years ago, and when the requests haven’t  gone away—I’m delivering what my ladies want! 


Who is the “singles edition” program for

Single is described as anyone who is not married (per their own definition). Single can be defined as one who is engaged, thinking about marriage, single and dating, single and not dating, or currently living with someone. 


This program is ideal for anyone desiring to one day move into a committed relationship. 

Miss to Mrs. Boot Camp: The Single Edition, is an on-line program that focuses on the love needs of the strong willed woman who desires authentic love. 

There are a ton of options that can enhance your love life, but the boot camp coaching program will cover essential aspects to help you affirm or clarify your love needs, identify actions that you must take while in a committed relationship

and uncover signs that show when it time to walk away.

The information shared during the boot camp is based on my personal experiences, professional observations as a therapist helping people enhance their intimate relationships, and tons of research on the complexities of love. 

Here’s what you will receive

The coaching program will be delivered in two formats (emails and video): coaching emails will be delivered to your inbox three times each week outlining a particular topic. A complementary video will be uploaded to a private Facebook group for you to view. You’re welcome to comment on the video in the group and/or email me at anytime with any questions you may have.  Learn more by clicking here: Private YouTube link.

Coaching Program Outline 

By popular demand, here’s what I’m planning to share during the boot camp coaching program: 

Week 1: 

-Having “the little talk” is important: stating expectations 
-Why going ghost has to be an option 
-We as women don’t  repeatedly repeat ourselves we make moves 
-We don’t give ultimatums we state facts 
-The secret thoughts of men/stop pushing him away 


Week 2:

-Your virtues should look like this (development of a virtues list and why)
-His attributes should look like this (development of an attributes list for your desired mate and why it’s important to have one)

-You’re not a healer, you’re a helper (don’t lose you trying to heal him)

-The importance of dating different (sometimes changing the prototype is a good thing)
-A committed relationship should look like this—dating, courting, and then marriage 
-Literally and Figuratively: Save the passports for marriage 

Week 3:

-Communication basics: set the verbal and non-verbal standards early 
-Discuss that shit (see it, and assertively address it)
-Don’t be a bag lady (restoration is a must)
-The importance of setting a relationship time line (a real woman doesn’t need new male friends)

-Nurture that relationship: Date with purpose and marry with passion 


Brace yourself


I can guarantee you I will address important issues that you need to read/hear about. I will give you the details of love that people rarely openly talk about because they  don’t want to be judge. 


You will end the program much more confident in having a “rule of thumb” to manage relationship issues with others and with yourself. However, you are only responsible for yourself. You don’t have the ability or the right to change others, so proceed with caution as this will be an eye opening experience that will change how you view love (in a good way)!  Learn more by clicking here: Private YouTube link


Start Date: 


Any Monday. 

Investment (one time cost of $85.00): 


Payment plan option: Pay $35 each week


Payment in full option: 3 week membership for $85.00.

Don't wait. Act now to get the committed relationship you deserve.

Image by JD  Mason