Miss to Mrs. Boot Camp
Coaching Program

Miss to Mrs. Boot Camp will assist you with designing the type of wifestyle you desire. I want to help you become a great wife, so this includes you being good to yourself! 
Whether engaged, a newlywed, or married for years...my motto is "it's never too early or too late to pour into the marriage of your dreams." Your union with your soulmate is a life long journey. 


Here's what to expect during the program: 
Phase 1: Complete an online questionnaire telling me a little bit about you and your goals for yourself as a wife, and goals you have for your marriage. A link will be provided to you. Only I receive the information. It's used to help me properly respond to your inquiries during the program. 
Phase 2:
Part 1
At the beginning of each week I will complete a video discussing a Boot Camp topic(s) for our focal point(s) for the next 7 days. Within that week I will send at least 1 exercise for you to complete via email along with various supporting material that I will upload to an online portal. 
Part 2
You will receive two wife affirmations (positive quotes and inspiration) so you can "speak life into your marriage." They will be sent via email so you can have them forever for reference. 
Part 3
Fridays and Saturdays are committed to personal reflection. You will have an opportunity to email me any unanswered questions or concerns you've had per that week's topic(s). I want to make sure your individual needs don't go unaddressed during the coaching program. Please allow me at least 24 hours to provide a thoughtful response specific to your needs. 
Topics to be addressed during the program (in no particular order) after the initial welcome video: 
Click here for a complete list https://misstomrsbook.selz.com/item/590fbfab6edca00aa4b469d7
Bonus Items
Here are some bonus things I will send to you within 7-10 days of the plan starting: 
-a journal for your homework reflection exercises and you to take notes on affirmations I send 
I hope you're just as excited about this program as I am. As a therapist it's great to take on cases to empower my clients and give them useful nuggets that allow them to feel more connected to themselves and their mates.
Women I work with are able to gain clarity on their relationship needs.  These type of services are well over $100 per 50-minute sessions.
Due to so many requests to teach women the "how" after my book Miss to Mrs.: How phenomenal women can enjoy a happy marriage, I was compelled to develop an online workshop. That way I can still do what I love (helping women) while reaching more women. 
Miss to Mrs. Boot Camp is a coaching program where I share tips and provide educational information to you. It's not "formal therapy," and shouldn't be considered as such. Therapy typically is a little more deeper and includes a treatment plan. If you feel you need a therapist to visit weekly face to face (in-person) to address your needs more in depth please do so. 
Investment: $97 
Payment plans are also available. A payment of $50 can secure your slot.  Click the link below to get started.  
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