The Marriage Mending Program: Steps to mend a broken heart 

The marriage mending coaching program are emails/blogs designed by me teaching you about important marriage issues and specific ways to resolve them (for now and later).  


You can receive the tips for yourself, and there’s also an option for your mate to receive emails too—but your partner will receive different action suggestions based on the information shared via Survey Monkey (see the link in the free sample coaching email). 

Here’s what the program will do for your relationship:

-Increase the emotional space to connect with your mate
-weekly assignments will encourage couples to communicate in a gentle manner and interact with intention and love 
-help sort through relationship issues without arguing 

-develop a new framework to handle problems based on the strategies I’ve seen work for couples who are committed to each other 


Here are the topics that will be covered: 

-Meeting the needs of the marriage 

-Steps to recognize relationship hurts 

-Tips to recover from past hurts 

-Tips to maximize communication 

-Ways to practice compromise without conflict 

-Steps to increase emotional and physical intimacy 

-Understanding the benefits of wearing multiple “spousal hats”

-Applying covenant principles to revive the life of your marriage 

The 3 week coaching program (by yourself or with your mate) will include the following: 

-3 emails a week (education and action exercises)

-2 powerful relationship affirmations each week for encouragement

-1 video snippet related to the topic(s) taught 

-access to ask me questions via email 

Start Date: 


Any Monday. 



Pay $35 per week, or save by purchasing a 3 week membership for $85.00.