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Marriage is a blessing that requires work...

Marriage is an amazing journey when soulmates unite.  Preparing for marriage can be hard.  Married women typically spend several years sorting through issues before developing their voices as wives.  Resources found here help women successfully transition into their marriages without losing themselves. 

Female autonomy in marriage is often misunderstood...

Unfortunately, modern women settling into relationships can live in emotional pain due to 

being labeled non-submissive, too assertive, or too strong. Most phenomenal ladies simply want to be understood and respected for their worth.  Amazing women should not have to feel as if they are losing themselves, or stuck in marital chaos without options to improve their marriage. Women deserve to have it all and are taught how to here.


Clarifiying spousal roles leads to marital improvements...

Dr. Lil of Female Autonomy within Marriage teaches women how to be a good wife, how to to clarify their spousal roles while using a combination of communication style for increased 

marital happiness Her book is a great tool to complement premarital counseling tips. Dr. Lil values being able to help newlywed and seasoned women better enjoy their honeymoon years. 



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Female Autonomy within Marriage was developed by a licensed clinical psychologist and relationship expert dedicated to providing a virtual habitat to support and empower women through the following resources:


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