Miss to Mrs. Bootcamp Seminar: 2020 Brides and 2021 Brides 

Miss to Mrs. Bootcamp is designed to teach you how to develop a happily ever after and a faith filled marriage.

The seminar will be held on the outskirts of Dallas near Grapevine, TX on April 4, 2020, from 1:30pm to 4pm.

The seminar taught by Dr. Lil (psychologist, coach, and author) is designed to be informative, inspirational, and fun while focusing on specific tasks for you to build a lasting and enjoyable marriage with your life partner.

2020 and 2021 brides will learn tips to succeed in their marriages without losing themselves.

Here is a topic outline based on the best selling book, “Miss to Mrs.: How Phenomenal Women Can Enjoy a Happy Marriage.” 

-Communication Tips and Strategies to Avoid Ugly Fights

-Instructions to develop a "wifestyle"

-The Power of Prayer/Affirmations

-Healthy Habits of Trust and Forgiveness

-Types of Intimacy (Sexual, Emotional, and Spiritual), and Why They Are Important

-Steps to Take Care of You, Your Husband, and Home Without Losing Yourself

-Marriage Armors to Protect Your Marriage (marriage foundation)

This amazing course includes important marriage themes every woman serious about her union needs to know (and topics most folks wouldn't dare to discuss). ​

Lucky participants will receive one novelty gift set (notebook, and tote) at no additional cost. In addition to information, and gifts...there will be a special wedding planner guest discussing tips to plan an amazing, affordable wedding.  

Investment: $225 (payment plans will be accepted)

Click the "Buy Seminar Slot Now" button above, or see payment options below.  To pay in full click on the left photo flyer below, or click the right photo flyer for the payment plan option.  

All sales are final and include a 2.5 hour seminar with a licensed relationship expert (Dr. Lil), take home material and worksheets, and a novelty gift set.  Light refreshments will be served. 

First come, first serve: Use discount code “yestothedress” for 10% off until 02/29/2020. 


There are only 6 slots available for this unique seminar guaranteed to help you build a marriage that’s as beautiful as your wedding day. Be sure to secure your slot as soon as possible.  

Read more about Dr. Lil's credentials by clicking here: Dr. Lil's Bio.

Dr. Lil, psychologist, coach, author, wife, mom
Every woman deserves a marriage as beautiful as her wedding.

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